Learning from each other to prepare for tomorrow's challenge.

ARC: Application for Resilient Communities.

Allowing business communities to raise awareness, understand, share and act upon best practice, ARC stimulates resilient behaviours. Its library of practice, feeds and benchmarking tools enable communities to plan and track critical performance improvements. Co-ordinating through ARC, communities apply resilience to effectively anticipate disruptions and optimise their long-term commercial advantage.


Modern life is regularly challenged to respond to shock. Recent high profile examples of this include Brexit, cyberattacks and terrorism, but there are always new challenges. The key to responding to these challenges is to build a culture of resilience within your organisation.

ARC lets you create and administer communities, giving you a space to discuss resilience, pass on information and develop a targeted strategy, making you ready for anything. Its innovative functionality helps you understand how resilient you currently are and identifies any gaps in your protection.

Armed with this knowledge, you can delve into our library of best practice and make sure you have taken the right steps to protect yourself and your community.

How does ARC work?

ARC is an innovative and intuitive approach to building and supporting resilient communities. It uses an app to gain access and contribute to:

  • A unique, simple tool to assess how resilient an organisation is and how it improves over time.

  • A collaborative platform for accessing, sharing and commenting on material.

  • An extensive library of best practice, which is continually growing and changing based on community needs.

  • Information feeds from public and private information providers, including: TfL, Utilities, CSSC, The Cabinet Office, The Mayor's Office and local support groups.

ARC quickly becomes integrated into your working day through a simple and intuitive app which is based on leading and proven behavioural change theory.

"In the 21st Century building resilience is one of our most urgent social and economic issues because we live in a world defined by disruption." - Judith Rodin, Author of "The Resilience Dividend"

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