A scalable platform that drives behaviour change, promoting sharing and engagement with best practice in enhancing business resilience.

Our capabilities


A database of best practice and guidance which can be accessed by commnunities

Multiple categories to cover a variety of threats that have the potential to impact a community

Behavioural Change

Innovative technology designed to assist users in adopting resilient activities

Optimised flows to allow users to easily access relevant information


A platform for users to share and discuss best practice and guidance

Communities overlap to enable effective sharing of information

Database self validated by members to grow and enhance content


Establish a baseline of current behaviours

Use data to drive decision making and focus efforts

Monitor progress to show success

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Who do we support?

Business communities

A database of best practice and guidance which can be accessed by commnunities

Local business thrives when information is shared. ARC lets you coordinate your community's resilience plan, share best practice and keep in touch no matter what.

Individual companies

A resilient company thrives during even the most difficult of shock events. ARC embeds a culture of resilience in the teams that are critical to your business.

Public sector bodies

Whether you are a network of public bodies or a single department spread over the country, ARC can help your staff keep in touch and provide the information they need to be prepared for anything.

Special interest groups

Religious communities, sports fans and any other groups who are disparate but who have a shared interest can benefit from the data that ARC provides.

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